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Why Suzuki South Punjab

The main reasons for which Customers prefer Suzuki South Punjab are:
  • Fully Equipped Workshop (Service and Spares)
  • Certified Mechanics and Technicians
  • Large inventory and wide selection of models (Cars, Bikes) along with competitive pricing.


  • On – the – car automatic disc drum turning machine
  • Engine lifting hoist
  • Quick repair lifts
  • Computerized wheel alignment machine
  • Adaptive suspension
  • Digital wheel balancer
  • Paint Booth
  • Special repairs service kits(brake fluid Tester, Battery tester, STD)
  • Suzuki mobile service van
  • Auto-leveling suspension


Our Workshop is equipped with latest tools, equipment’s, lifts, wheel alignment/balancing etc. we have with us modern computerized tuning equipment, Side Slip Testers, CO tester to guide and educate customer about the performance of their vehicle. For CNG adjustment we have most modern Tech 1 & 2 along with Smart Diagnostic kit with efficient and trained man power.


We recognized the importance of separating the paint environment from the contaminants that are indigenous to body repair. Suzuk South also committed the resources needed to acquire the best paint booths and related equipment in the world. Our computerized formulation system can make a perfect match of virtually any color ever made. Suzuki South uses ICI paint materials throughout the process exclusively. And, of course, nothing matters as much as our people. Suzuki South refinish personnel are highly skilled professionals, trained and assisted by ICI factory representatives. They are continually training on the latest technological advances as well as product advancements.


First free service is due at 1000 Km or 1.5 months. However, this facility can be availed upto 1500 Km or 3 months whichever comes first.

Second Free Service is due at 5,000 Km or 3 months. However, this facility can be availed upto 6 Months (not exceeding 5,000 Km.


  • Check gauges and meter operation.
  • Check lighting system operation.
  • Check horn and turn signal operation.
  • Check fuel level in fuel tank.
  • Check rear view mirror condition
  • Check number plate condition
  • Check tire (air pressure, wear and damage)
  • Check oil leakage under your vehicle
  • Check radiator water level
  • Check oil level through oil gauge / Dip stick
  • Check battery water level
  • Always drive in the correct gear, Incorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption.
  • A 25% decrease in tire pressure can cost you 5~10% more on petrol and 25% on tire life.
  • It has been established by trials that you can get upto 40% extra mileage at 40 Kmph as compared to 80 kmph.

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It is our Endeavor to provide top quality services to our valued customers to their entire requirement and satisfaction, through our After Sales Network.



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